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Healthy Mums Program

The Healthy Mums Program (HMP) has five components:


  1. Family health and nutrition (Maternal and Child Health)

  2. Early Childhood for a Bright Future (ECBF)

  3. Healing the Next Generation (HNG)

  4. Promotion of Initiatives for Self-Employment (PISE)

  5. Vocational training


When the Healthy Mums Program first began the focus was on the health of the mother but now the reality is that the groups or Associations, comprised of 30 women each, encompass all 5 components into the program. Rather than working in silos this holistic approach is producing excellent results. The Associations stay together for  five years after which time they are able to be self-sufficient and serve as mentors to the new groups forming.

Family Health and Nutrition

Early Childhood for a Bright Future

Healing the Next Generation

Initiatives for Self-Employment

Vocational Training

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