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Chicken Centre (ERCC)

Until 2017 the Healthy Mums Program families were receiving goats which gave them manure
to help them grow their kitchen gardens.

It was then realised that if they received chickens it would be more beneficial for them in their move toward a brighter future.

Why Chickens?

They give more opportunities to combat malnutrition and poverty

Chicken Infographic Portrait-01[1].jpg

The Embrace Rwanda Chicken Centre was built to raise chickens that could be distributed
to the families in the Healthy Mums Program (HMP).

Each family receives 4 hens and one rooster and they are trained on how to raise them and to breed them. The chickens have transformed their lives. NYIRANUMVIYIMANA Beatrice and MUDAHERANWA Vincent from REBERO “When we visited this family we met them at home after their daily work and we saw them with big smiles. They told us that today their lives had been changed due to the great advice and lessons given by Embrace workers and chickens they were given. Today they have 14 chickens reproduced after having chickens given by Embrace Rwanda. The husband told us that he saw these chickens as a blessing that had come to his family and he started to reproduce them. So they have a vision of reproducing them so that they will be able to solve the problem of health insurance which was a main challenge in their family. They told us that before they were recruited into the HMP, their young child was affected by malnutrition but today as they have a good kitchen garden and have eggs at home, she is in a good condition.”

The Chicken Centre also served as an opportunity to generate funds in Rwanda for the HMP operations. 2,000 eggs were sold each day from the Chicken Centre.

The next phase is to transition the centre to become a hatchery that will produce chicks for sale. This will be a huge step towards the operations of Embrace Rwanda being self-sustaining in Rwanda.

The training is underway at the Chicken Centre in Runda, Rwanda.

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