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Rwandan Staff

Francis GAKUBA

Country Director, Embrace Rwanda International Society (ERIS)

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Francis GAKUBA lives in Muhanga town in the Southern Province of Rwanda in Central Africa. He is husband to Prisca, a father blessed with eight children and the grandfather of two granddaughters. He is Embrace Rwanda's Country Director, a member of the forum of Provincial partners in Rwanda and a member of the Board of Directors of Rural Development Inter-diocesan Services. Francis GAKUBA is a Servant of the Lord.

As the Country Director of ERIS, Francis is responsible for the successful development, implementation and ongoing delivery of approved projects and programs in Rwanda. He acts as the key Embrace Rwanda representative in Rwanda, promoting the ERIS vision and mission. He ensures that all ERIS team members have the necessary induction, training and support required to successfully fulfill their duties and responsibilities, while building a strong relationship between ERIS and its partners.


Francis's extensive professional career and personal experiences have all contributed to preparing him for his work with Embrace Rwanda. As an Urban Engineer he worked with the government of Kigali City on issues of urbanism. From 1995-2002, following the Genocide, he was a Police Inspector, working with the government for the establishment of Justice in Rwanda. Francis reveals that the Genocide against the Tutsi, with its far-reaching consequences, has sharpened his mind. He believes that finding salvation through being saved was the starting point of his life, his rebirth, a renaissance. Since 2002 Francis has been an active and practicing theologian, seeking to better serve his Church as an Evangelist. Grounded in community development, Francis is a dedicated peace-building worker and community transformational activist.

For Francis, the Forgiveness and Reconciliation process, as well as the concept of Servant Leadership, have been among the turning points in his life.

In his own words: "I am called to serve the Lord for the holistic ministry as a transformational leader. My greatest hope for the future is to be the role model for the transformational journey, and for the rural and poor community in Rwanda to be free from social and economic injustice."

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