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Thanks to all our COVID-19 donors!

For a charity run by volunteers, Embrace Rwanda depends on donors to help support the Rwandan families in need. These donations go a long way towards promoting the success of the organization while also providing to those in need.

We launched a Crowdfunding platform towards the end of April to provide relief to those most affected by the pandemic and this initiative have in turn achieved great success. The base goal of $5,000 was reached in less than 24 hours and we have all our donors to thank.

A special thanks from Embrace Rwanda and on behalf of the Rwandan families to these individuals and many more who provide continuing support:

John Grange

Daphne Martin

lorraine ma

Peter Turner

Erica Francis


Dana Sidoruk

Jean Dalgleish

Pat DeCoursey

Cindy Gleeson

Adele Easto

Ken & Carolyn Withers

Edith Powell

Janet Wilson

Valerie Belcher

Bryan McConachy

Mary Retsema

Amelia Lo

Florence Wilton

And many more...

Thank you for your life saving support.

Blessings to you and be safe and stay well.

This initiative is still ongoing, and we are on our way to reach our Stretch Goal of $20,000. Please click on the panel below to get more information.


News and Updates

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