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Thank you for your Support!

Our Start Some Good campaign has finished and we have now received the funds from your donations.

THANK YOU for your generosity.

In total we have been able to send $16,000 to Rwanda to be used to help 707 poor families in our Healthy Mums Program to receive food to support them through the COVID 19 crisis.

Although we have just received the funds we started the first phase at the beginning of May as the situation in Rwanda was at a crisis level with so many of our families unable to access food due to the COVID 19 lockdown in the country. Rice, beans, maize and oil as well as soap to encourage good hand hygiene was distributed immediately.

In subsequent weeks the food supplies were delivered to some of the most remote areas of Rwanda.

Once some of the government restrictions were lifted it was time to give the families the means to grow their own food and ensure that they have food for the months ahead. Pigs, goats and chickens were distributed to the families to provide them with excellent manure for growing their crops.

The families in the Healthy Mums Program worked together to plant their crops.

We have just received pictures of the excellent outcome of their plantings.

So thank you all for your contributions to this campaign. It really has made a difference to these families in Rwanda. They have expressed their appreciation for all that they have received.


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