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Talk, Dream, Plan

Members of the National Team of Embrace Rwanda came together for a two-day retreat in Kigali in February. Drawn from all the regions of the country where Embrace Rwanda is working, the team shared their insight, ideas, experience and skills, focusing on strengthening the organization and its stakeholders today and fulfilling a powerful vision for tomorrow. Retreat leaders Francis Gakuba, Country Director and Trish Gauntlett, visiting from Canada, encouraged the team to 'Talk, Dream and Plan'. The team did this with enthusiasm, envisioning a strong future and planning the steps to get there. By the end of the retreat, several concrete actions had been taken towards fulfilling the strategic plan. Above all, they made a renewed commitment to each other as a team, knowing that in order to understand and support the people they serve, they must also understand and support each other. "They are an amazing team and I am honoured to have worked with them," said Trish Gauntlett. "We all learned so much from each other and I'm sure Embrace Rwanda will go from strength to strength."


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