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Taba Porridge Program Expands to Five New Centres

With the first three Taba porridge centres well established, I am happy to let you know that Fortunée, Kigeme Healthy Mums Program (HMP) Manager, and I went to Taba Parish to train the parents whose children are in Early Childhood for a Bright Future(ECBF) in the five new centres ready for feeding


For all centres, we provide flour for porridge to the associations of Mums for their children, sugar to mix with porridge flour and equipment to make the porridge in a school kitchen as well as giving training to the Mums. Through this, children at school will benefit from porridge through the program and the parents will together prepare and feed their children at school, using the school kitchen.

In these five centres we will feed more than 400 children. This means that with the three centres we already have, we will be serving eight ECBF centres with more than 640 children from 640 families.

It was encouraging that, at the training, men and women in the Healthy Mums Program were so excited about the feeding program that they were shouting, "NOW NO MORE MALNUTRITION".

GAKUBA Francis

ERIS Country Director

Kigali, August 2019


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