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Still Growing Strong in 2021

Embrace Rwanda is working and thriving all over Rwanda, touching the daily lives of thousands of individuals and families through our established Healthy Mums Program. In the past year, everything changed for the whole world.

Embrace Rwanda answered the challenge!

  • When we couldn’t visit each other in our different countries we connected in every possible way. We encouraged each other, talked, shared and prayed.

We stayed strong together!

  • When we couldn’t hold our usual events and gatherings to raise funds we relied on you, our generous donors and supporters, to rise to the challenge. You did – and we managed to maintain our levels of financial support during this extraordinary year.

You lifted us up!

  • We have big dreams and big plans for sustainability in the future. We’ll work hard every day to make them a reality. A lot has changed – but the spirit that sustains Embrace Rwanda still burns brightly.

Please help us to keep our bright light shining across Rwanda

Thank you!


News and Updates

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