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Porridge Against Poverty - Winning Against Malnutrition in Rwanda.

We arrived at Kumuganza , a sub-parish in TABA Parish, with a truck full of porridge flour, sugar and other supplies. Mums, husbands and Early Childhood for a Bright Future (ECBF) children, 3 ECBF caregivers and 3 chapel leaders were invited to come and receive the support we had brought for them. 1,400 kgs of flour, 6 jugs and 15 dozen cups were immediately given to the beneficiaries through their leaders , chapel leaders and ECBF caregivers.

First, the Parish Priest warmly welcomed Kigeme Healthy Mums Program (HMP) Manager,

UWIZEYIMANA Fortunée, as well as the supplier of porridge flour; he took time to pray and thank God for protecting everyone present in that activity. Then, the Kigeme HMP Manager to explained about feeding program in Kumuganza sub parish. She started her speech by reminding that HMP was implemented by EAR Kigeme Diocese in partnership with Embrace Rwanda International Society. It is aimed at ensuring that women from vulnerable families, especially pregnant women and those having children less than six years old, enjoy healthy development and are free from any form of neglect and malnutrition, especially since research has found that Nyaruguru ranks among the critical regions in our country for malnutrition. Kumuganza was then chosen for a pilot project to see if a feeding program

using porridge could come to supplement what the government provides to the children, leading to healthier children.

Before distributing the materials among beneficiaries from Kumuganza, Munazi and Gahurizo Healthy Mums Program and ECBF centres, the Manager asked the supplier of porridge flour to explain how to prepare porridge. The HMP Manager added comments about how they should work to maintain the project communally and share tasks. Two mums and one member of the committee will be assigned to cook for a day until each mum has her turn.

Finally, chapel leaders, ECBF caregivers and the Parish Priest showed their appreciation for this good work from Embrace Rwanda to empower HMP beneficiaries in Taba, especially in Kumuganza sub-parish, thanking Embrace Rwanda for its care and concern to their lives through this and other projects that are running well in Taba.

The HMP Manager in Kigeme Diocese, Fortunée, advised everyone present to work closely together with a spirit of teamwork and to be helpful and collaborative in this new program.

Report by:


Kigeme Healthy Mums Program Manager

Kigeme, May, 2019


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