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Taba Porridge Program Decreases Child Malnutrition

The Taba Porridge Program aims to decrease child malnutrition by providing the children in Embrace Rwanda's Early Childhood for a Bright Future (ECBF) Program with healthy porridge in school. The porridge is made by mothers in Embrace Rwanda's Healthy Mums Program.

Embrace Rwanda provides porridge flour, sugar to mix with porridge flour and equipment to make the porridge in the school kitchen, as well as training for the mums.

Taba Parish, in Kigeme Diocese was chosen as the location for this program, since the region has high rates of malnutrition. The program began in the ECBF centres in three chapels and has since added another five ECBF centres, now feeding healthy porridge every day to more than 640 children.

This wonderful project, proven to be a great success, has been funded from the start by Tess Edge from Arizona, who after visiting Rwanda and Taba parish has been dedicated to raising funds to support the programs there.

Thank you Tess! Your caring is bringing health and happiness to hundreds of Rwandan children and their families.


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