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2021 Update - Thank you!

Thank you! When we help others rise, we are all lifted!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, the new EJOHEZA Chicken Centre at Nkoto is flourishing!

EJOHEZA Centre Chicken Centre stands on an expansive one hectare of land. We can accommodate 10,000 laying chickens,as well as turkeys and guinea fowl.

We have planted 1,018 banana plants, which produce an annual crop. Between the banana trees we've planted the “tree tomato” fruit, a second crop.

Five Embrace Rwanda staff, with one Manager, are doing wonderful work to sustain this thriving centre.

All proceeds from EJOHEZA will go to support the Embrace Rwanda Healthy Mums Program (HMP), which is now in 135 sites across Rwanda.

All this is possible because of the big dreams and hard work of the Rwandan teams and the powerful generosity of our donors.

Thank you!


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