Each year an Embrace Rwanda Team visits the Dioceses to assist in the development of the Healthy Mums Program. By engaging those who are operating the program on a daily basis there have been opportunities to make changes to the program.

Facilitated sessions are held with the coordinating committee so that the program can be evaluated and recommendations made for improvement. Interviews are conducted with the participants of the project as well as the volunteers from the local communities.

The findings from these sessions are found in the following reports:



2012 Embrace Rwanda Mid-Year Update

Healthy Mum’s Project Annual Evaluation 2010

Healthy Mum’s Project Annual Evaluation 2009

Healthy Mum’s Implementation Report 2008



Embrace Rwanda Brochure (2017)



Embrace Rwanda Summer Newsletter 2015

Newsletter Fall 2014

Embrace Rwanda Newsletter (2011)


Strategic Plans

ERIS Strategic Plan 2014-2019

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