Kigeme Vocational Training Centre

Vocational training opportunities are scarce in poverty-stricken rural Rwanda. As a result of generous donations from Canada Embrace Rwanda has set up several schools providing the knowledge and experience in useful trades, thus providing an income for families in the local communities. These include:

  • Sewing and Tailoring: The women and some men complete a certified one year course in sewing and tailoring. Many of them are members of the Healthy Mums Program.  After graduating they set up their small coops to make uniforms for the local schools or start their own business.  Approximately 200 students each year participate.
  • Baking and Cooking: Women from the Healthy Mums Program are learning baking and cooking skills that they can practice in their smaller communities and set up small business opportunities. 
  • Knitting schools are underway to provide the women with skills to use knitting machines. Their garments will be sold locally and in other regions.
  • Both women and men attend the school to study carpentry and masonry often working as interns in their own communities.  They also sell their furniture locally.




Projects inter-link and support each other: e.g. the wearing of uniforms in pre-schools is a mark of pride, so uniforms are made in the sewing school for a low cost, benefiting the sewing school, the pre-schools, and local families.