Economic Development

Embrace Rwanda looks to promote long-term development, not a “quick fix”. The communities in Rwanda are anxious to promote self-reliance, so donations to Embrace Rwanda increasingly go to provide funds for micro-loans to start new businesses.

Micro-loans are organized within more than 108 community associations of the Healthy Mums Project, for the purpose of generating income through small projects and small business collectives. Each small business gives back to the collective, building independence and sustainability. Examples include, growing sweet potatoes and other vegetables, grinding sorghum to make flour or juice.


Larger Associations have started to grow mushrooms and have added the production of chickens and rabbits.

Donations specifically for capital enables income generating activities to grow more quickly.

This ties in well with a strategy that the Diocese has adopted to increase the self reliance of individuals and collectively as members of the parishes.

We look towards a future where they no longer rely on donations.