Epic poetry - a moving tribute to Embrace Rwanda


Niyomugabo Emmanuel
Niyomugabo Emmanuel


Stay and Stand Embrace Rwanda

By Niyomugabo Emmanuel from Rususa Parish, preschool teacher in Embrace Rwanda’s Early Childhood for a Bright Future Program 

You are ready for appreciating

Embrace Rwanda, you took us from a

poor place where the suffering was upon us,

praises and thanks belong to you Embrace Rwanda.


You coming was needed in our Diocese

Mums and their seeds proudly took,

worthy life improvement came,

humbly our hearts fill with joy

as you establish what is needed for us

Stay and stand Embrace Rwanda.


Go on with achievement Embrace Rwanda

In Rwanda for our children

All the best have you as a source

even for their Mums, all get life comfortable

Life for child and mum

Embrace Rwanda, do stand and stay.


Your best, Embrace Rwanda, our kids have talk and comfortable life

Oh Embrace Rwanda!  Your coming is our solution

In Rwanda our home.

Stand and stay Embrace Rwanda


Our children kindly followed your school, they fearlessly learn.

Oh counting, reading and writing their habits have been taken,

while we see and all those in Rwanda.

Hope of life comes and we believe that our future life will come,

Without looking down, Embrace Rwanda


Goats are given from you and their kids are being milked

No disease or poor nutrition

We get manure for activating

Product stocking to our home

We are comfortable.


Stay and stand Embrace Rwanda, we beg you.

Your coming was needed.


Stephanie Dusingizimana
Stephanie Dusingizimana


Long Live Embrace Rwanda

Composed by Mrs. Dative Kamparaza

Translated and designed by (EAR Kibirizi Parish) Rev. Alfred Munyaneza

Presented by Stephanie Dusingizimana from Kibirizi Parish, preschool teacher in Embrace Rwanda’s Early Childhood for a Bright Future Program 


Long live who you are;

Greater than many other things

We are humble and honoured

To be friends of yours

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


We don’t have enough terms

To talk about your importance

From the bottom of our hearts

We recognize what you are doing

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Embrace Rwanda you are ours

We are also yours forever

No fans but family

Not saying but living,

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


With you, women can witness

Bearing babies, giving birth

Becoming mothers with problem

Hence Healthy Mums Program

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Embrace Rwanda is for parenthood

Whereby children grow safely

Getting education in a very good way

Early Childhood for a Bright Future

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Taking care of young children

Parenting advice by leaders

By you, Vocational Training Centre

Baking and Cooking Classes

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Small associations are there

For starting small businesses

Preschool teachers are trained

To use new methods

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Both men and women

Are involved in VTC

And training for teachers

Including teaching in English

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Kitchen gardens are made

Fertilized by manure

Which are provided by goats

Given to women to grow

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


In five of eleven Dioceses

Of our beautiful country

Embrace Rwanda has stepped

Involved quickly as you can

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


In our everyday life

We have known very well

Who you are and what you do

For the sake of our welfare

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Construction and Carpentry

Sewing, Tailoring and Knitting

Handcraft and many others

Are offered and improved as well

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Youth volunteers for young ones

Funding support from our friends

Full time and part time Rwandans

Are employees in your projects


Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Yes, for making a difference

To vulnerable families of ours

Cultivating capacities

Equipping human resources

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Positively people are transformed

We see you embrace Rwanda

Watering everyone wisely

From your own wellspring

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Promoting the partnership

You are for sure “peace maker”;

“Peace builder”; “peace keeper”

For each and every Place

Embrace Rwanda, Hobe Rwanda!


Rwiza rwa Gasabo rwatubyaye

Rwo kabyara; rukanabyirura

Rwo kagendwa n’Abanyamugisha

Nka Hilaria King full of wisdom

Embrace Rwanda; turagukunda!


Shyogwe mums and babies
Shyogwe mums and babies


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  1. I like the preschool teachers and their expression of appreciation. Vive Rwanda! Vive Embrace Rwanda!

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