Mothers of Kigeme Film

“Mothers of Kigeme”, is a short film about the Healthy Mum’s Project. It explores the lives of three women in a town called Kigeme in the country of Rwanda; and a community nurse that seeks to improve their lives by teaching women how to improve their health while they are pregnant. As they struggle against poverty, the mothers participating in the project discover new skills within themselves, and a new hope emerges as they begin to support one another.

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  1. […] Nurse has done an amazing job improving the health of the Kigeme mums. There is a short film ‘Mothers of Kigeme’ you can watch online about this […]

  2. […] how to plant vegetables more effectively. Here’s a link to a video about the Healthy Mums work/ The program grew into having a vocational school, preschool, and etc. So now Heathy Mums is part of […]

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