Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood education project has equipped and staffed 16 preschools offering, a strong bright start to more than 1000 children in one of Rwanda’s most poverty-stricken regions.

Rwanda has recently introduced English, (in Rwanda, it is their third language), as the primary language for teaching in schools. Many children in rural communities have had no exposure to the English language. The preschools will use English for everyday dialogue between teachers and children.

24 teachers have received additional training from Canadian teachers to enable them to offer a sound educational foundation in English. This training helps to equip them with the necessary skills to prepare young children for the future and support their successful entry into the formal education system. The benefits were clearly identified in comments made by a local pastor, “Even those teachers who teach primary school are appreciating this program because in year one now it is no problem to have many children because the children started in nursery school.”

Nourishing sorghum porridge will be given to the children every day. For many, this might be their only meal.

Over 1000 children have the Embrace Rwanda school uniform now and they were made by the graduates of the Kigeme Vocational Training Centre Sewing School.

In partnership with the Schmidt Family Foundation of Canada, 8 new chapels have been built in rural Rwandan communities. These chapels also serve as space for preschools.

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The next project is to focus on the first ‘1000 days’ of life and find opportunities for interventions that can significantly impact a child’s physical and cognitive development. Our hope is to ensure that all have access to the nutrients they need for optimal health and development.