Anglican Mission in the Americas tells our story

The Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMIA) recently helped to spread the word about Embrace Rwanda through the AMIA blog and their January Currents newsletter. Since many Embrace Rwanda supporters are in churches in the USA and Canada, this is an opportunity to raise awareness about the work of Embrace Rwanda and also offer an opportunity to partner in our activities. Some churches have found that working closely with a parish or Diocese in the Rwandan Anglican Church has given them a meaningful relational mission outreach to rural Rwanda.

The Anglican Mission in the Americas exists to raise, release and support leaders and communities of faith to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in North America. Rooted in the Celtic missionary tradition and nourished by the three streams of Scripture, the Sacramental Life and the Holy Spirit, The Mission has catalyzed over 200 church plants since its establishment in 2000. Through a culture of creativity, flexibility, boldness, learning and leadership, The Mission is committed and poised to build on its rich history.

Here is the link to the AMIA blogspot, which includes an article about Embrace Rwanda, our new infographic and a link to our film, “My Time to Rise.”

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